Revolve Festival Disaster


Kennedy Eller, Staff Writer

On the weekend of April 16, not one but two music festivals kicked off in California. While Coachella was going on in Indio, California, the Revolve Music Festival started in La Quinta California.

Historically, the Revolve Festival has been very exclusive, from influencers and A-list celebrities being invited to the tickets ranging anywhere between $2,000 and $100,000
when selected to have the opportunity to attend the festival. With artists such as Jack Harlow, Ty Dolla $ign, and WILLOW set to perform, there is a serious desire to be at the event, yet it was a
total flop. While the artist sets were strong and fun, the festival was described as a “content farm” as influencers who signed contracts to go continue to speak out about lack of fair treatment
and the lack of safety surrounding the event.

Security did not know what was going on, nor how to handle it due to the lack of organization on Revolve’s part. Security was told to get the people who paid more money on the bus first, celebrities such as the Kardashians, Timothée Chalamet, and Sydney Sweeney to name a few. Everyone who bought or was promised a “VIP experience” simply did not get it and was left in the 90-degree weather for hours without water, or shade, while waiting for the buses to get into the festival.

Beyond the complete failure of getting into the festival, the actual festival and artist sets were amazing. The decorations were perfect and had a fun and colorful aesthetic. The artists
demonstrated their mesmorizing vocals throughout all the performances, but the most notable was Jack Harlow’s performance, who had amazing stage presence.

When you look beyond the complete lack of safety, organization, and greed, it was an amazing festival considering the gorgeous photo opportunities, amazing artist sets, and great company sponsorships. With Revolve being one of the first companies in history to utilize influencers and celebrities in their marketing, they have built a reputation on trips and experiences for influencers making their history in the social media industry quite impressive. With the disaster of safety and entrance (paid or sponsored), the future of the Revolve Festival is questionable, but that will be a question for next year. Beyond the future of the festival, it is unknown if Revolve will continue to work with influencers in the same capacity. While posts might continue, the vacations and all inclusive influencer events might not.