Varsity Soccer’s Win Against Eastlake

Kennedy Eller, Staff Writer

The boys’ varsity soccer team continues to have a promising season after their win against Eastlake on Friday, April 8. With spring break approaching, as well as a couple of injuries, the team was down a couple players yet played well together and continued to keep Eastlake’s score at zero.

The highlight of the game was the third goal made by freshman Cody Stark in the second half. The players were quick on their feet to recover a failed goal and proceeded to make an impressive score. As they passed the ball and missed the goal, the team quickly recovered the ball, shooting it back and instantly kicking the ball into the goal. Senior Cody Kovats noted, “That goal was arguably my favorite part of the game. We worked well together and proved our ability to work together through that quick thinking.” The quick thinking from the team was one of the best moments of the game proving the ability to work together.

They ended up winning the game with a score of 3-0. This game was a big win, as it proved that varsity soccer is a force to be reckoned with. Some key players in the game were senior Andrew
Myerson, senior Nicolas Insensee and senior Cody Kovats. Insensee’s notable moments from the game were “the best part of the game was the first half, it was exciting to play and there was some great plays made.” Head Coach Charles Glenn’s favorite moment from the game was the teamwork and how well everyone worked together: “It was a good start and there’s definitely
more to be done. Everyone played well together today, although we will continue to improve on moving the ball quicker.” Overall, the varsity soccer team will continue to prove their abilities as they continue into the season.

There is a promising future for the varsity soccer team.