Difficult Rival Game for the Issaquah Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team

Remi Ragland, Staff Writer

The Issaquah Boys’ Varsity soccer team had a difficult game on Friday,April 29th, against Issaquah’s notorious rival, Skyline. The student section was filled with fans, especially seniors there to watch and support their friends being recognized for senior night. The team quickly took the lead early in the game, with a score of 2-0. Skyline scored after and then received two penalty kicks, scored by player #11. The game was heating up by this time after Issaquah lost their lead. Junior Tanner Dutra scored the game 3-3 with less than 10 minutes left. Skyline then got lucky and scored again with less than three minutes left, changing the score to 3-4, putting them in the lead to win the game. The mood on the field during these last three minutes was very stressful. It’s difficult to come back in such a short amount of time, and even more difficult to maintain a lead throughout the entire game. 

Senior Cody Kovats stated that “as a team we need to stay focused when we have a lead and keep playing our game. Energy in training plays a huge role in our performance on game days and I would say it is constantly rising as we prepare for these next big games.” He also shared that “having a big student section makes a huge difference because it brings so much energy to games. Not only are we playing to win but we are playing for the fans who come out and support.” Senior Sharif Lacasse added on to this by saying “when you have a student section watching you play, you feel more pressure which honestly is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes and makes you really fight for a win.” The student section definitely added to the intensity of the game and kept the Issaquah team motivated throughout the competitive game. Senior night is an important night that recognizes the players experiencing their last year on the team. Seniors Dustin Rhodes, and Andrew Myerson all specifically had a strong game, staying consistent and using their skills effectively. Even though Issaquah took a tough loss, they put up a great fight and will use this experience to lead them to success in upcoming games. Coach Charles Glenn stated, “The team treats losses as learning experiences. What did the team do good and what are some things the team could have done better? We take that knowledge, build on it and improve.” With this positive attitude and coaching, the varsity team is in a strong position to make a run through districts and the state playoffs.