The Varsity Boys’ Track Team Finds Victory

Abigail Lee, Staff Writer

Issaquah High School has been home to many exceptional track and field athletes throughout its over 100-year-old history. As we see the sun poke through the thick layer of Washington clouds more and more this May, our Boys’ Varsity Track team is energized and proving that they have the ability to put their all into any meet, especially during the meet that occurred on April 27. The team went against Bothell, at home, and ended with a much-needed, cheerful victory, after a string of tough losses this season.

This season many team members have noted that Boys Varsity has been doing less than fantastic, likely due to a shift in coaching that recently occurred. Junior Ian Campbell says, “Our boys’ team has been struggling a little bit, but I think that is pretty normal for a new coach coming in.” There are many factors that can affect how a team performs, though, and oftentimes, it is out of the team’s control. Freshman Declan Lewis says, “I think it is really injuries that affect how a team does. If say a lot of the team gets injured, it can really affect team morale.” Issaquah performed smashingly well in quite a few events last Wednesday, stealing the top five spots at the 800-Metres and placing in the top three teams at the 4×400 Relay. Issaquah also seems to have a special spot for Relay events. Issaquah placed first (if not completely sweeping the leaderboard or the top few spots) in every single relay event that occurred on the 27. Perhaps this victory can teach a symbolic lesson to those who were disappointed by the performance of the team this season: teamwork is the greatest asset any team can possess, and this was clearly demonstrated in the relay events. 

For many on the track team, running can be a favorable experience, complete with friends and uplifting camaraderie. The teamwork needed to succeed can forge long-lasting friendships and provide a physically rewarding escape from the stressful life of a high school student. Junior Ethan Blazer says, “I joined the team this year because I have done it in the past and I have found it fun.” For those who are looking for an outlet to improve yourself and work towards a goal with friends, track is recommended by most everyone on the team. 

The Boys Varsity Track team is proving to have an exciting array of promising athletes. Freshman Connor Rickey placed first in the 800-meter event against Bothell, and many of his teammates have remarked that he runs at the speed of, if not faster, than many seniors on the team. Rickey says, “I decided to join the team because I am fast, so I thought it would suit me best.” There are many exceptional competitors who specialize in the hurdles and long distance events, ranging from the freshman to the most experienced seniors.  

The season is coming to an end very shortly, and team members recall their great experiences and lessons learned while competing and training. One can speak of the team’s performance in many ways this past season, but it is truly undeniable that this season for Boys’ Varsity Track has been one of trials and tribulations, endurance, cooperation, and above all, teamwork.