Boys’ Varsity Golf Heading to Regionals

Haley Goode, Staff Writer

With their regular fall season over, the Issaquah Varsity Boys Golf team competed against each other last Friday, April 22, in order to advance to regionals coming up. Playing at their home course, Snoqualmie Falls, six boys competed leaving only five to move up to the next tournament. All 18 holes were entertaining and exciting to see who would place. 

The Snoqualmie Falls course has a good range of long and short holes between 212 to 500 yards. With the boys being strongly familiar with this course, it seemed to overall be a great round for all six players. Starting strong on the tee on hole one, junior Danny Auffant had an amazing drive up onto the green for a perfect two putt, to open with a par. This is not anything new for him: “I’ve been playing golf since I was three, so I have had a lot of experience with this game. I’m obsessed with it,” Auffant says. He continued to amaze the group throughout the round with three birdies and 10 pars. “I was pretty happy with hole two, It’s 350 yards so I was glad I could just two putt in for birdie.” He was consistent and confident throughout this round and scored a 35 through the first nine holes, for a total of 67 for 18 holes. Senior Colin Lenhardt parred a total of seven holes, scoring him a total of 86. With a tricky putt shot in on hole 17, he was able to save his score right before the end, parring that hole to advance to regionals. Lenhardt says, “I was worried about that putt on 17. It was pretty long after my terrible chip up, but I read it right and it saved me.” He adds, “I haven’t been playing as long as some of the other guys up here but I love this game even when I play bad like today. Even though we were not competing against another team I’d say the guys and I got pretty competitive, but in a good way. I’m relieved I am able to advance.” 

At the end of the round, all players added up their scores to see who would advance to next week’s match, all played very well and the scores were very close. Players Lenhardt, Auffant, junior Ryan Yellig, freshman Davis Dobson, and sophomore Dylan Kollas will be in the tournament. The scores ranged from 67 to 86 for all 18 holes.