Mckenna Grace’s New Single “You Ruined Nirvana” is a 90s and 2000s-Style Home Run 


Jane Harig, Staff Writer

I have been a fan of Mckenna Grace since seeing her on the big screen in movies ranging from “Gifted” to “Troop Zero.” You can see in interviews and on her Instagram, Mckenna is a bright and humble star. She is talented, too. Having won a Next Generation Award from the Hollywood Critics Association and an Emmy nominee, there is no question about how her career is going. 

The young 15-year-old actress has expanded her impressive abilities beyond in front of the camera work. Her first single, “Haunted House,” came to us in November, around the time her new hit movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” came out. The song even played in the credits, which was a bonus for all proton pack-style ghost exterminator fans.  

I find there was not a ton of pressure on the young artist, as she is new to the music industry, therefore making her songs genuine, soulful, and fun. “You Ruined Nirvana” is by far the most fun, a classic screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs style number. The music video features actress Shay Rudolph, whom I am also a fan of, so seeing her rock out on a guitar was pretty rad. The song has references from Green Day, Artic Monkeys, and – this goes without saying – Nirvana. Co-directing the video is Gus Black, and it was written with artists Cody Tarpleyy and Rachel Kanner.  

The song is about a breakup, and how a certain song, album, or band reminds you of that breakup. Mckenna said on her Instagram to not take the song too literally, implying that she had not necessarily gone through a breakup. She focused on how a song can bring back emotions from the period of time you listened to it, which I really like, and I think many can connect with. I find that listening to songs always reminds me of the feeling I had when I either first listened to them, or a period of my life when I was really into them.   

The music video was funky and fun, and one of my favorites. I liked all the lyrics and the style and was impressed with Mckenna Grace’s singing voice. The single is a fun addition to her music portfolio, and I can not wait to see what other music Mckenna puts out. I wonder if she will put out an album, and if so, if it will include the singles that are out already. 

I would say, summing it up, the tune, the references, the outfits, the lyrics, and the feeling is all very fun, and a home run for Mckenna Grace.