Lil Durk’s “7220” Deluxe Album Was Disappointing


John Ryu, Staff Writer

African American rapper, Lil Durk, dropped his album “7220” on March 11. A few weeks later, Lil Durk dropped “7220” reloaded, adding one more track, “computer murderers.” The deluxe album has 18 tracks and 47 minutes and 55 seconds of playtime. The meaning of 7220 is part of the address of Durk’s grandmother’s house

The overall album was quite the opposite of what hip hop fans expected. The album 7220 mostly talked about his story and life and was not hard or drill rap music we would expect from him. Although it wasn’t what the fans were expecting, the album itself was good. 

There are quite a few flaws on this album. A lot of the songs and beats were very similar and used the same instrumentals as drums, which could be boring when we hear it repeatedly track after another track. As I mentioned earlier, Durk, tried something different from usual, which is not necessarily bad but could lead to disappointment. However, it was great to see what Durk is capable of and the different styles he can handle, as well as the dynamics of this album. 

Personally, the tracks “AHHH HA,” “golden child,” “what happened to Virgil,” “smoking & thinking,” and “pissed me off” were very good. There are a few skips which are “difference is,” “federal nightmares,” and “Broadway girls” tracks. My favorite song would be, “What Happened to Virgil” featuring Gunna. Both verses were great, and it was great seeing Durk showing respect to the designer, Virgil Abloh, who recently passed away. It was memorable and emotional.

No matter what, Durk’s new album, “7220,” was very successful. It claimed the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 album chart, and it made his value extremely high. 

Overall, the 7220 deluxe was disappointing, but the album itself was good, and you can see the effort Durk put into this album.