“Two-Face Bang 2” by Fredo Bang and Money Man Satisfies Listeners

“Two-Face Bang 2” by Fredo Bang and Money Man Satisfies Listeners

Steven Moore, Assistant Editor

New and upcoming hip hop artist Fredo Bang released his new album called “Two-Face Bang 2” on April 18, with a few amazing features. I am a fan of his music because he does a good job of prioritizing personal experiences in his lyrics instead of using generic lines like a lot of other rappers do. He raps from an underdog perspective, and I feel like I can relate to him in this way. Furthermore, he has a very genuine flow which is appealing to a lot of listeners. Going into this album, I was not too optimistic because his previous album did not live up to its expectations, but I was excited to see who he had featured on this album. Big names like Roddy Ricch, Sleepy Hollow and Money Man all appear on tracks.

Fredo Bang is very consistent with his music and you know what you are going to get with him most of the time. However, in this album, he switched his flow in some songs and that made some tracks stand out to me. My favorite tracks on this album were “Goin Blind,” “4’s Up,” and “No Love.” In these songs, he carries himself in a different type of way. He comes out in a more aggressive manner and it sets the tone well for all of his other songs. It was important for him to spread these songs throughout the tracklist because it gives the album a certain pace and balance to it.

One part about the album that I also appreciated was that he put out the tracklist on the internet weeks before releasing it. This gave listeners a sneak peek into who is featured on the album and what listeners can expect before the album dropped. This was an 18 track project that had elaborate flows with meaningful lyrics behind them. He only had four total features on this album, which adds to its uniqueness considering the amount of songs on it.

There were only a couple songs on the album that I was not a fan of. The songs “Federal Raid” and “Nobody” tended to bore me because it was not a familiar tone of rapping for Fredo Bang. He tried to get outside of himself which as an artist is a good thing, but these songs did not fit in well with the other tracks. Overall, the album was a solid listen and I would recommend it to hip hop fans who enjoy mild pace and meaningful lyrics.