Of Monsters and Men “This Happiness” Excels


Saahithi Gaddipati, Copy Editor

Released April 20, Of Monsters and Mens’ “This Happiness” marks the third piece of music in an EP, or extended play, that will be used to accompany a documentary. Entitled “TÍU,” the film will follow the band as they perform in a series of meaningful locations across Iceland, recovering from their canceled world tour. With catchy beats and interesting lyrics, I look forward to the implementation of this song in a documentary. 

When I initially heard the title of the song, I assumed the piece would be sappy pop–“This Happiness,” being the sound of reminiscence and sunny days. For those of you who are familiar with this band, it comes as no surprise that this song was the exact opposite– dark, moody, even somewhat terrifying. Released as a music video, “This Happiness” begins with a shot of a clown’s mouth. Shots cast in disturbingly vibrant colors, the video amplifies the message of the song– chaotic mishmashes of conflicting appearances and internal thoughts. 

The music itself was good. With a catchy chorus and interpretive lyrics, I doubt there is anyone who this piece does not cater to. For those who choose to disregard lyrics, there is definitely still a melancholic aspect to the song, but it still manages to be upbeat, especially once the chorus kicks in. The chorus itself marks the pick up of the meaning behind the song. “This happiness is hell on Earth.” Still open to interpretation of the listener, the song reels the viewer in with its unorthodox lyrics. 

I will say that there is a huge difference between watching the music video as opposed to listening solely to the audio. While one can understand the emotions behind the piece from the audio alone, the music video takes it to a different level. Panning through clowns, eyes painted on eyelids, and strikingly eerie shots of laughter, the video elevates the song’s atmosphere to another level. 

“This Happiness” is a piece that thrives off its atmosphere– beautifully created and maintained, it makes the music a delight to listen to. With bold execution, be sure to stream “This Happiness,” which can be found on Youtube and Spotify, as well as other streaming services.