“Tomorrow Me” a Nice Surprise


Haley Goode, Staff Writer

Luke Combs released his new single, “Tomorrow Me” on Friday, April 22. It is his first song since his last single, “Forever After All” which took the internet by storm with over 238 million plays just on Spotify. “Tomorrow Me” is the first single released to his upcoming album “Growin Up” scheduled to release on June 24. 

The song starts with “Telephone rings, ‘Can I come over? It’s kinda just the way things go since we’ve been over.” Combs has written many good songs about love and heartbreak that have hit the country music charts and stayed number one. This new song’s main topic goes back to an ex, but knowing later on it was not a good idea. “Tomorrow me ain’t gonna like the way things go tonight, if I let you in and think that it’ll be different this time.” I really like these lines especially with the new album title, learning about himself and realizing his worth. “So maybe we should let yesterday be, cause I gotta live with tomorrow me.” This is not necessarily out of Combs comfort zone as a lot of his songs have the same topic, but this song is a little slower, more laid back, and obviously more sad. Through the middle of the song, “I know how it’s gonna end. Just like it always ends.” He is talking about a tired cycle and too scared to break off this relationship. The song closes with him saying “Hey tomorrow me” kind of seeming like he’s finally turning the corner and realizing and growing up. 

I did not expect this song when I heard about a new single. I was kind of expecting a party song or something more hype, but I really enjoyed this single and it makes me excited for the other 12 songs that will be featured on the “Growin Up” album in this summer.