Coachella Has Another Exciting Year


Alara Walcott, Staff Writer

Chances are if you have been on the internet in the last week, you already know about Coachella. Otherwise, maybe you know a few of the headlining artists, attending celebrities, or the festival’s reputation for being the biggest and most popular in the world. Every year, the music festival is hosted in the desert of Indio, California and attracts artists, influencers, and celebrities alike. 

Headlining artists this year include Harry Styles, coming off the success of his new billboard hit “As It Was”. The British pop artist has seen a recent rise in fame, propelling him to the top of the headliners list. Coming in second, Billie Eilish gave a headliner worthy performance as well. In my opinion, other prominent headliners would make more of a splash on stage. Doja Cat, The Weekend, and Louis The Child would have been on my must see list at the festival. Not only do all these artists have an exciting presence on stage, their voices do not need autotune or editing during performances. It can be expected that artists like Billie Eilish and Louis The Child will include pyrotechnics and special effects as well, which always makes a performance more engaging. 

Another key component of the Coachella festival is the style, fashion, and art that surrounds the celebrity culture of the event. Personally, this component is one of my favorites to come across on the internet. Artist Grimes and Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry definitely stood out in my mind with bright, elaborate outfits that matched the sunny California desert. Euphoria seems to be a big influence on fashion this year, Coachella especially is a great place to express even your most obscure style trends. After the recent release of the second season, celebrities and influencers are channeling their inner high schooler with jewels and gems of all kinds, in all places, short skirts, and fun, colorful tops. Most celebrities opted for somewhat practical outfits that included denim shorts and a cropped tank top or t-shirt. 

Overall, it seems like another average year for the festival. The organizers came under fire for the controversy surrounding former headliner Travis Scott. The lasting legacy of his controversy could have been expected to impact ticket sales this year, with ten people having died in the crowd of Travis Scott’s Astroworld in what is known as crowd crush. Lucky for Coachella organizers, no one seems to care now that the festival is up and running. Continuing next weekend, be sure to check out some of the electrifying performances by some of your favorite artists on social media, or if you are lucky enough, in person!