Morgan Wallen’s Newest Sensational Song


Carly Woodfield

Morgan Wallen, a popular country music artist who recently has faced controversy in the media, continues to gain his fans back with his new singles. Morgan Wallen released his new song on Good Friday, April 15 called “Don’t Think Jesus.” The song is about a boy who is living on the wild side and turning from God, and expresses through the lyrics he doesn’t think Jesus would have lived that way. 

I heard about the newly released song from friends who liked the song and recommended I listen to it. I really like this song, and I feel it is very wholesome. I like the lyrics and I feel that many Christians can relate to this song because not many Christians are always perfect in their faith or living the way Jesus would so I like the aspect of the song being relatable. The story of the song is likely a personal one for Wallen, so it is interesting to feel his emotions towards how he lives his life as a Christian and bettering faith to live like Jesus. I feel that when a song is relatable, it is more fun to sing along and feel the lyrics. I also like that because the song is Christian, it can bring in a new audience than that his other music would typically not. This song is a lot different from Wallens usual songs about love, girls and the country way of life, so I enjoy that he is stepping out of the typical comfort zone and exploring new areas in his music such as religion. 

I would recommend this song because it is heartfelt, potentially relatable, and has nice lyrics. If you like Morgan Wallen’s music, you will likely enjoy the new single “Don’t Think Jesus.”