“As It Was”- Deservingly On Top of the Charts


Ashlesha Mishra, Copy Editor

Grammy award winner Harry Styles released his most recent single, “As It Was,” on April 1, 2022. After the initial announcement, supporters were ecstatic and reshared it on social media in the weeks leading up to the release date. The song was an instant hit, breaking the Apple Music streaming record for most first-day streams for a 2022 release and received the Guinness World Records title for the most streamed track on Spotify within twenty-four hours by a male artist. This was a well-deserved response because the song delivers something unique to its listeners through its captivating beats and deep lyrics.

The artist subtly incorporates elements of his personal experiences into the lyrics, making it more relatable to streamers, and hence, more appealing. The song begins with the voice of a little child stating, “Come on Harry, we want to say goodnight to you.” Styles acknowledged the voice belonged to his goddaughter in an article quoting a conversation with a British radio station. His “goddaughter frequently calls him before bed to say goodnight to him,” he said. She sent him a voicemail after he missed her call one night and that clip was included in the song.

Personally, I found this track was an absolute delight to listen to, with my favorite section beginning at 2:05, when the rhythm ramps up and the chorus drops in for a wonderful finish. This particular segment of the song gives me a sensation of internal freedom and makes me smile as the song comes to an end.

Overall, this song was a huge hit amongst millions of listeners, and it was well-deserved because of its superb composition and innovative video. The video was worth the wait and buzz because of its classic and clean cinematography. To accompany the song, it incorporated eye-catching costumes, suitable sets, and well-choreographed movements. Through the intricacies and hidden meanings in the lyrics, Styles directly engages with his audience, making it more personal and relatable for them. “As It Was” is a terrific listen regardless of your mood, and it comes highly recommended by numerous streaming services and its large number of admirers. Although some may argue that the song was overhyped, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that the song will undoubtedly remain on the top of the charts for some time.