Issy Golf Takes Down Inglemoor

Claire Hein, Staff Writer

At 3:00 pm on April 18, at the Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course, Issaquah High faced Inglemoor High for a competitive girls’ varsity golf match. Issaquah came into the game with a season record of 3-0, while Inglemoor was recorded at 1-3. Issaquah went home as the winner, beating Inglemoor with an overall score of 213. Issaquah stayed consistent at every hole, gaining lots of distance within the first few swings and following up with great accuracy while putting in the green. Through rain and windy weather, Issaquah persevered and continued to play well against the competitors. Top individual scores for Issaquah include sophomore Haley Lu with 36, and senior Avery Knirk with 41.

The first hole started out a little slow, with both teams averaging roughly nine swings per player. After warming up and moving onto holes three and four, that number shrunk for Issaquah to about seven, while Inglemoor stayed around the 7-9 range. Issaquah senior Haley Goode started out very strong with her driver, completely bombing the ball far away. Inglemoor began to average seven swings per golfer from holes four through eight, ready at any moment for a comeback. There were a few bumps in the road as both teams hit balls out of bounds. An Inglemoor player declared her’s unplayable, while Issaquah attempted to work with all the balls they hit. Issaquah junior Meara Treacy had an exceptional game, landing almost every ball on course and towards the hole. Head coach Jake Crowley says that to prepare for the game today they “practiced pressure drills, bunker and shortening shots, and putting contests because that is what helps you score.”

It was obvious that Issaquah had practiced their skills; because they consistently get the ball in the hole in an appropriate amount of shots. 

Due to harsh weather conditions, the golfers really had to focus on battling the strength of the wind and still making a good shot. Junior Meara Treacy said that “being around my friends helped me stay motivated. They make the game more enjoyable when the weather is like this.” A third of the way through the game, at hole six, Issaquah had a good success rate with putting in the green, averaging around 2-3 attempts of putting before getting it in. Inglemoor kept getting the ball deep, but struggled to sink their puts. Issaquah remained in the lead for the rest of the holes, and when it came to hole nine, Inglemoor finished the game with the last shot being a bogie. Both teams played well but Issaquah won due to pure skill, accuracy, and determination. Senior Haley Goode scored 52 total, and mentions that “I mainly had a lot of good drives off the tee, although some didn’t go great I think that went well overall for me.” Issaquah varsity golf continues to have a winning streak, and I believe they will keep improving and succeeding as a team throughout the season.