IHS Girls’ Varsity Track Team Takes Mount Si for a Ride

Quetzalcoatl Dalupan, Staff Writers

On  April 6, the IHS Girls’ Varsity Track Team competed at an away meet in Mount Si High School for their third competition of the season. The girls were in for a windy but warm day, as the temperature reached about 59 degrees, a bit higher than previous days. After practicing hard for the meet, the girls were looking to do well to keep up their reputation. Junior Daytona Crow stated that for practice they would “work on hand offs, lean on mileage and do intense runs.” And after coming back from an injury the week before, she still managed to do well in her own events. However, she said, “We didn’t run as well as we could have.”

As it was still the beginning of the season, stakes were low but performance was up. IHS girls’ track came in first and second for the first event, 4×200 meter relay race. After the results of the first event, Coach Katie Brookshire stated, “I’m really excited to see how the girls do today and the rest of the season.” After having the girls practice so much, cross country runners were even brought in to run the long distance events. Coach Brookshire said, “They’re really transitioning well into the track team. I have high hopes for them to do well today.”

After first placer and senior Trinity Cress ran her leg of the 4x200m, she stated, “The meet is going good, but the season feels like it’s going by so fast.” After a good head start, the girls’ team was able to take the 100m hurdles first and second place by a landslide.

The team managed to take Mount Si High School for a ride as they dominated the first few events and continued to perform well even when not coming in first. With a strong start of getting first in the 100-meter dash, the girls kept up the pace by coming in first and second in the 1600 meter race. Although they struggled to maintain their good placings by coming in second in both the 4×100 meter relay as well as the 400 meter race, the team did well.

Overall, the team spirit and morale was high, and the IHS Girls’ Track Team did well despite the windy weather and a competitive opposing team.