Issaquah Boys’ C Team Soccer Wins Against Newport 

John Ryu, Staff Writer

On March 31, Issaquah High School’s soccer team won against Newport High School 5-1. Issaquah’s C team is a school soccer team for freshmen boys. The game started at 7:00 pm and ended around 8:30 pm. There were not many people in attendance, but they were supportive.

Fortunately, there were no accidents or any injured people. The game went smoothly. First half IHS scored our first goal around 27 minutes into the game. First half ended without scoring any more goals. At halftime Gary Shane, coach of the C team said that “1-0 is not a good result, one mistake away from being tied.” 

In the second half, our team performed much better. They scored a total of four goals. Cameron Mitchell scored two goals, Akshay Tanton scored one, Shey Hanson scored one, and Yohan Solamin scored one. However, Newport managed to score one goal from a penalty kick. That did not stop the Eagles from completely destroying the opposing team. The Eagles scored three goals in less than 15 minutes and scored one last goal at the end of the second half. Making Issaquah the winner. Shane said “Players shared the ball well, controlled the play well, especially in the second half, and results were good.” 

Shane also said that the turning point “happened when we got our second goal and got the third goal after two minutes” making our team swim with the tide and lead to victory. He also mentioned that his top goal is that he wants to “win out and give them the opportunity to get called up to the JV team, improve as individuals as well as a team, and mostly stay healthy and have fun.”

After the game, freshman Stanley Chen said, “The opponent was indeed a little stronger than the previous games as we thought, but gradually, we found that it is actually quite easy, and it is still relatively comfortable to play.” He also said that his team will not “underestimate the opponent, we will train as always and trust ourselves that we can win”  For short term goals Chase Sawyer responded that “he will just try to improve our teamwork and to win every game.​​”

Players and coach were satisfied with their play today. Great coaches and great players’ mindset led to this victory for the Issaquah High School C team.