Girls Varsity Tennis Loses Tough Match with Eastlake

Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

On March 31, Issaquah’s varsity tennis team faced off in nine heated matches against EastlakeHigh School. Many talented players contributed to the team, but Eastlake ended up winning with a score of 5 to 2. Coach Nico Hakes explained, “My approach to coaching is definitely more laid back. I believe in positive reinforcement as well as supporting the team through everything, including wins and losses.”

The mindset of the team is such an important and underrated factor. Freshman Yujin Chang explains, “I think that we all tried our hardest, and at the end of the day, that is the most important factor.” In tennis, the final score is determined by who has won the most matches, so although the overall team lost, freshmen Ruby Han and Nancy Kim did win their doubles match. Additionally, freshman Annalyn Cho won her singles match. The team widely believed in the power of a good team dynamic. The positivity shone through, even after the team was defeated.

All of the players agreed that they shared a good, slightly better than average game. No one had felt like this was really their best match, and the team as a whole agreed that improvement
throughout the season was the main goal. The coach explained that motivating the players, even through losses, was extremely beneficial. Hakes says, “I hope we can improve as a team, and the best way to do that is to keep working hard in addition to encouraging positivity.” Chang expressed that “This was not our best match, but I know that my doubles match was pretty close. I think that this helps motivate me to be better, especially since we have a full season ahead of us.” Freshman Emily No explained that “Eastlake is a really strong competitor, and I am still so proud of my team.” No added, “We all work really hard, and this certainly was not the best I have ever played, but I truly believe in this team.” Team managers Bill Lee and Eugene Park stated that “the team is so hard working, and they all know that they can improve.” This game is extremely early in the season, which means that the team has time to prepare for future matches.

The general consensus proved that this dedicated team has the potential to improve. Chang stated that “it was a pleasure having Eastlake here, and I am glad to have continued my experience within tennis.” Although the match was lost, the team morale did not deteriorate, which can be attributed to the positivity that the entire team continues to hold onto.