The Seattle Seahawks Are Making Big Changes In 2022

Kellan Odegard, Staff Writer

The Seattle Seahawks have been a pretty active football team in the off-season so far. The front office has definitely been showing up to work recently as there are a lot of new players coming in and out of Seattle, and the Hawks have made some very interesting resignings, signings, and trades recently. The moves have been very entertaining for Seahawk fans all around, as they have been most likely caught off guard with the choices that have been made in the front office. Seahawk fans have had different opinions, involving some of the decisions made on the team’s elite players that fans have fallen in love with throughout these recent years. 

One of the biggest stories surrounding the Seahawks off-season is Super Bowl champion and star quarterback Russell Wilson has been traded to the Denver Broncos in a blockbuster trade including Wilson and a fourth round pick this year. In exchange the Seahawls receive the Broncos first-round pick this year (No. 9 overall), their second round pick this year (No. 40 overall), their first and second round picks next year, as well as their fifth round pick this year. They also receive three players from the Broncos roster including  quarterback Drew Lock, defensive tackle Shelby Harris, and tight end Noah Fant. This has been a huge trade across the league and has hit home for Seahawk fans all around. Senior Max Goldberg had some mixed feelings about the trade expressing that “Russell Wilson has been the heart and soul of our team, it is going to be hard to see him in another jersey but we did get a lot of good draft picks and we are going to have to use them well in order to justify trading Russell away.” He was in a dilemma trying to decide whether or not the Seahawks won the trade and says, “ It is too early to decide who won the trade, and it will not be decided until a few years when we see how good the players we drafted are,” which made an excellent point. Everyone in the league, especially Seahawk and Bronco fans, are trying to decide which team got the better deal, but this question will not be able to be answered anytime soon. 

  The Seahawks trading away Russell Wilson was not the only sad departure seahawks fans had to deal with this off-season as they decided to not re-sign Super Bowl champion, and defensive captain Bobby Wagner. This was a big thing most Seahawk fans did not see coming. Wagner’s amazing playmaking ability will be definitely missed next year as Wagner was the teams leading tackler and truly set an example for the defense. Although most fans are upset with this decision there is some reasonable logic for letting him leave for the point being of freeing up more money as paying Bobby Wagner would have taken a big chunk out of the Seahawks cap space. Freshman Micah Seiffert was a little upset with the decision but said “it needed to be done. If we were going to trade away Russell then we needed to say goodbye to that era. It is going to be hard seeing the Seahawks be a rebuilding team and not a competitor team anymore but hopefully it pays off.” 

The Seahawks also made some good program moves by re-signing safety Quandre Diggs, as he is a great young star who played very well for the team and still has a lot left to give and will be a star for the team. He will be a great role model in the defensive back room. The Seahawks now have quite a lot of money left, but we probably will not get to see them spend that much of their salary cap this year as most of the high talent free agents have been signed. It could be until next year where we see them make many moves. Junior Spencer Hawk voices his opinion that “the Seahawks have a lot of options now as to what they want to do with the team moving forward and there’s going to be a lot of open doors as to what they do as their next move but i have a lot of trust in the Seahawks office and I think they’ll do the right thing.” 

Another big re-signing the Seahawks made was also agreeing to terms with running back Raashad Penny. This was an excellent choice for the Seahawks as with the loss of Russell Wilson they are going to need to be able to lean on their strong running back duo with Chris Carson involved will extremely help the offense move the ball. Sophomore Ben Lake was extremely happy with the contract. He said “I have liked Rashad Penny since he was drafted and I thought he was going to be an amazing running back, he has not fully lived up to this status but I think he has the ability to be a great running back within the next few seasons.” The Seahawks have definitely made some changes to the team moving forward and there is a lot of opportunities to make the team better that the front office will have to get right.