What Students Do for Spring Break

Claire Hein, Staff Writer

Mostly, every college and high school has one week off school in the month of March or April. Spring break is the last break before June, when schools actually end for summer break. For college students, spring break is a fun time to book vacations with friends or come back home. High school students typically stay home or go on family vacations for the week. Sunny locations are usually the most popular for vacation spots, because they tend to give people a nice break from the cold weather and they kick off spring/summer weather. Whether students stay home or go on vacation, many find fun things to do to celebrate spring break. There are so many things people can do to enjoy their break, no matter where they are.

Spring break has been an occurring event since the 1920s, as Mental Floss explains that “when Fort Lauderdale built Florida’s first Olympic-size pool in 1928, and when MGM released Where The Boys Are in 1960.” These two events really inspired people to have a spring break vacation, and the idea spread nationwide. Fort Lauderdale, Florida  soon became one of the most popular vacation destinations for spring break. This is because of its nice weather, beaches, and overall history. Many students go there for spring break with friends to drink and party while off of school. Another popular location for those who have the ability to travel is Hawaii. Specifically, Maui is a very nice vacation spot that many families travel to for break. The climate, beaches, activities and more are the appeal of this location. Hawaii is a little more family-friendly compared to Fort Lauderdale, but there is still plenty of partying going on by students on break. What these places have in common is that they are tropical, expensive, exciting places with lots of things to do. According to Travel Market Report, “Spring Break bookings are typically short. Most people book two or three nights.” Most college students and families do not stay a long time here due to expenses. Sophomore Justin Chan said himself that if he could go anywhere for spring break, “I would go to Hawaii.” In addition to Fort Lauderdale and Hawaii, other popular vacation spots for spring breakers include Miami, Florida, as well as Cancun and Cabo, Mexico. US News states that  Cancun “boasts numerous all-inclusive resorts with budget-friendly packages that cover drinks, meals and entertainment, plus a rollicking nightlife scene.” Apart from being at the beach, some activities people enjoy doing on vacation include surfing, swimming, hiking, and more.

Obviously not everyone has the ability to travel to these beautiful destination spots. Some people spend their spring break working, for example, or simply staying at home. Either way, the point of spring break is to enjoy the time off school as a stress-free week, no matter how you choose to spend it. There are many things students can do at home for fun, while not traveling. For example, senior Brogan Brown says that “as a leisure activity, I like to have a spa night or invite my girls over to binge Netflix.” This is a great activity to do if you are at home and have people around you to hang out with. Additionally, freshman Sienna Smith mentions that “watching TV is a good leisure activity if you are staying home.” Enjoying a hobby, seeing friends and family, and lounging around can all be great activities to do during break. For some college students who do not travel for break, coming back home can be of great benefit to them. A nice home cooked meal, time with family, and a breather away from college is nice.

 One thing that concerns some people this year is COVID-19. Although most mask mandates were just taken away and numbers have not been climbing in hospitals, there could be an increase in COVID-19 cases after spring break and traveling. Junior William Gannon says that “traveling might spread COVID-19 more but I’m not sure.” It is very unpredictable, but with packed beaches and hotels there is a chance of a spike in the number of cases. However, The Conversation states that “it should be noted that students might have already been vaccinated, probably even with a booster, as mandated by many universities, which can also lessen the spread of the coronavirus.”

Spring break represents a home stretch for students, as it falls close to the end of the school year. It gives people a little taste of summer before classes start to wrap up at school. Spring break has been a tradition for a long time, starting in Florida, and it means different things to everybody. Overall, spring break is a fun break from school that allows students to let loose and take some time off school. No matter how students decide to enjoy it, mostly everyone is excited for spring break and a week of no school.