Lamar Jackson Is the Best Quarterback in the NFL

Kellan Odegard, Staff Writer

When thinking of the best quarterback in the National Football League, there are many different opinions and options, but I believe Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in the NFL. When other defensive players are asked who the hardest quarterback to go against, Lamar Jackson is high on the list because of how unpredictable he is. The guy can run the ball just as well if not better than most running backs, and to top of his portfolio, He can throw the ball well, and better than most quarterbacks in the NFL. This shows that if people say he is the hardest to go against and that he is the hardest to game plan against, and that he is the best athlete on the field when he steps on the field, then I believe it is not a stretch to say he is the best quarterback in the NFL.

  He has proven this since he stepped into the league. His first year he did not get the start until he was 10 weeks into the season, and from there within the last six games in the season, he went on to win five of those games and came up short in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The next year, once he finally got to be the starter of week one of a season his sophomore year, Lamar Jackson came out and won two games and lost two games in the first four games of the season. After that, Lamar went on to win 11 straight games before being benched week 17 since the Ravens had already clinched the one seed, as nobody could get a better record than the Ravens in the last week of the season. The team rested their starters.

 Lamar led his team in rushing with 1206 rushing yards and passed for 3127 passing yards. He also led the league in passing touchdowns (36) and on top of the passing touchdowns, he also ran for seven touchdowns. He had an amazing season and was a high prospect for MVP. Once the NFL Honors came around, Lamar ran off with all of the MVP votes naming him the second person ever to have an unanimous vote in NFL history. Although Lamar Jackson being the best quarterback in the NFL is not an agreeable claim, as most people will say Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady is the best QB because they have won the Super Bowl, or they are better because they have greater statistical performances. Although it is true that most of the quarterbacks can be named better then Lamar Jackson, I think that they have way more elite weapons. All of those quarterbacks have a top 10 wide receiver on their team except Lamar. He has a bottom tier wide receiving core compared to all of the NFL and he still manages to be part of the best quarterback talk, and that to me is why Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in the NFL.