Nas’ latest EP, “Magic,” Teases Fans for His Upcoming Album “King Disease III” 

Nas’ latest EP, “Magic,” Teases Fans for His Upcoming Album “King Disease III” 

Blaine Zepeda, Staff Writer

Nasir Jones, more famously known as Nas, has made a comeback by dropping an EP for fans who are awaiting his anticipated “King Disease III” album. With this rap album he released, we get to see a preview of what “King Disease III” might sound like. Every track tells a story of who he is, as he uses his music to speak to long-standing fans. Every track connects well to the overall picture and tone he tries to convey of his lifestyle and being in the rap game, and he continues to use his own, unique sound. 

Nas kicks off with a solid first track, “Speechless,” wherein he states that he eluded the statistic that rappers die, on average at around 27 years of age. Nas, being 48, has made it past that: “I’m twenty-one years past the 27 Club, it’s like I went back into my past and then I sped it up.” This track continues on forward with the message that following a life of crime will not create a legacy; rather, he encourages taking things slow: “I told dunn, leave the street [Explicit] behind don’t let ‘em hype you, a slow run beats cheatin’ the grind.” The messages thrown along the track were very well grounded and the instrumentals were very unique, especially the bass, which is super catchy and different, giving it extra flavor. 

The next track, “Meet Joe Black,” is by far the best track. This is largely because of the intro which will build up to one of the coldest beats you will ever hear. With the lyrics “Took out a slice out of the Big Apple, made apple pies, family sized,” Nas talks about his influences he made amongst other MC’s to then stating his significance in the rap industry. While being an influencer, he uses this to help his own family. Nas then proceeds to talk about his central message is that he has passed the time where no one can single him out, via competing in rap battles and his experience around the game, as he says in this next verse: “Dangerous corners, you better pray that tomorrow arrives rap Sugar Ray Robinson, nothin’ sweet y’all too out of shape to even box with me heavyweight, I know my way around the ring.” On “Meet Joe Black.” the chorus is by far one of the most spectacular moments on the track, as the flow is completely new and exciting, “Run me the keys, run me the Bs, run me that flow back your top three, I’m not number one, how could you post that? I wear the crown, the city is mine, you cannot hold that, I’m not the one to go at, you [Explicit] around, meet Joe Black.” Joe Black is a reference to the movie “Meet Joe Black,” where a man gets visited by death, who takes the form of a deceased man called Joe Black. Nas is essentially saying nobody should come at him or they will be visited by death (a loss on the rap industry).

On the track “Wu The Children,” he illustrates how fans won’t let him change his artistic points compared to his older albums in his discography. But, as one last surprise coming at the end of the EP, he gives out a surprise collaboration with A$AP Rocky on “Wave God.” Rocky comes in with an amazing verse that starts off the song really well and Nas later finishes his song with his materialistic achievements. The conclusion of this album is all-inclusive, bewildering, and a great way to tease for his upcoming album “King Disease III.” Overall, every track piece has interesting messages about living in urban neighborhoods and the jealousy of others that comes with making it out, and how Nas’ lifestyle changed over time.