“Lulli” Develops Well


Saahithi Gaddipati, Copy Editor

Released Dec. 26, “Lulli” is a Brazilian film that follows the journey of an ambitious medical student. After an accident with an MRI machine, protagonist Lulli discovers she has gained the power to read others’ minds. The film centers around themes of family, friendship, and romance, all of which Lulli discovers throughout her journey.

This film is executed smoothly, with phenomenal character development. In the beginning of the movie, Lulli was an insufferable student who could not listen to peers or execute directions that were implemented for the safety of herself and others. However, as the film progressed, Lullli grew into a tolerable, and even lovable, main character. While the transformation was choppy, comparing the final growth to the pre-event attitude gives the viewer a sense of satisfaction and pride that cannot be beaten.  

With the film lasting around 90 minutes, it is on the shorter side of movies. In many cases, this leads to rushed films. However, the film’s relatively minimal plot-heavy nature results in the 90-minute time frame working well. While certain parts were slow, the majority of “Lulli” occurred at a decent speed that did not confuse me, or have me begging for something to finally happen. 

One thing to note about “Lulli” is that due to its theme of character development, and its time frame, the ending turned out to be cheesy, with everything piecing together a little too perfectly. This is not as visible as in other movies of the same genre; however, it may serve to irk those who value accuracy and realism in their media. 

Overall, “Lulli” is a heartwarming, mellow film. It is worth a watch if you are looking for a low commitment film. If you are into movies about reconnecting with one’s self and the world around them, stream “Lulli” on Netflix today.