“The Book of Boba Fett”: A Project Long Overdue


Eli McCalmont, Staff Writer

A few years ago, we had not seen the iconic Bounty Hunter Boba Fett, since he was thought to have been eaten by the Sarlacc on Tatooine in Return of the Jedi. Finally, he made an appearance in “The Mandalorian” Season Two a year ago, which affirmed his survival. But, since then, and really ever since the character was introduced in 1980 in the Empire Strikes Back, we have been waiting for a Boba Fett centered movie or show. Finally, Star Wars fans got their wish. At the end of the finale of “The Mandalorian” Season Two, it was revealed that a new series, “The Book of Boba Fett”, would be releasing next Christmas.

         As of now, the first two episodes have been released. They have been, to put it simply, fantastic. Some people did not like the first episode because of its slow plot or its lack of action. However, I think it was appropriate because this was really an episode to preview the season; to get caught up on Boba’s situation. My favorite feature of the show is how they implemented the flashbacks when Boba heals in a Bacta tank. These flashbacks show his story after he survived the Sarlacc. This not only gives Boba character progression as he heals after the Sarlacc incident, but it gives the viewers an urge for Boba to return to the healing chamber so we can see more flashbacks of his past. The second episode really showed much more emotion from Boba than the first. After Boba escaped the Sarlacc, he was captured by the Tusken Raiders. However, at the end of the first and throughout the second episode, Boba began befriending the Raiders. After an assault by a Pyke train filled with spice (a drug), Boba bonds with the raiders as he teachs them how to ride speeders so they could get their revenge on the Pykes. This shows a side of Boba we have really never seen before. We have never seen this much compassion from him ever, and it is really refreshing to see something different from teh masked, ruthless Bounty Hunter we assume him always to be.

During the present day, Boba Fett has taken over as Crime Lord after Jabba the Hutt’s death. At this point, he does not have the respect of all the people of Mos Espa yet. One of the best things I loved that Boba said in the first episode, is that he would not be carried around on a litter by servants like the Hutts. A litter is pretty much a platform that many of the Hutts used to assert their rule and power. However, Boba does not want this because it is not his style. He was once a Bounty Hunter, individuals who tend to be very independent, so he still wants some of that independence. This lack of respect is clear when the mayor does not give him tribute in the first episode, which could potentially start a power war between the two.

         Overall, I really like the direction this show is going. I feel like the present-day story is very compelling, but I really like the flashbacks he has in the Bacta tank. The great thing about this show is it has a perfect blend of story and character development in the present-day storyline, as well as an emphasis on action and emotion in the flashbacks. Now, for what could come next. I believe at some point in the season, most likely near the end, Boba will gain the respect of everyone and have a moment where he asserts his power and control in some way, emanating the same amount of authority as the Hutts. Nonetheless, no matter what happens, I think “The Book of Boba Fett” had a great start and has a bright and potentially thrilling future.