“Sing 2” is a Must Watch for Children and Teens Alike 


Cynthia Wang, Staff Writer

With its original movie coming out more than five years ago, “Sing 2,” was released in theaters on Dec. 22. 

Following the characters from the previous movie, the cast of animal performers prepare to put on a breakthrough stage in the “Sing” equivalent of Las Vegas. The problem is that the play was made up on the spot and koala Buster Moon has to figure it all out quick. Not only that, Buster has promised that a reclusive rock star who has not performed in more than 15 years will feature in the musical, despite not knowing his location or contact information. Meanwhile, the cast of animals, including an exhausted mother pig, lively rockstar porcupine, and many others  try to keep their once in a lifetime opportunity alive and running. Watching the characters try to resolve every situation is extremely entertaining, especially for a younger audience, 

A thrilling plot is key to a good movie, but “Sing 2” would just not be the same without its rich selection of both voice actors and music. Some familiar names might include Pharell Williams, Tori Kelly, and Halsey, all from the music industry. The amazing vocals of the cast are only improved with catchy pop hits from the last few years. The whole idea of singing animals is a very entertaining one, and the fresh concept is only improved by the skills of the cast. 

Though “Sing 2” has a very simple premise and predictable plot, the movie is not shallow or one-dimensional in any way. Even with the huge cast, almost all of the characters go through their own developmental arcs. Furthermore, “Sing 2” is a kid’s movie and is marketed as such, so the young audience will not care as much about the subtle clichés as they will the dynamic animals singing their favorite songs. If you have a younger sibling, or just want to laugh and have a good time with your friends, “Sing 2” is the movie for you.