Disney’s Encanto; A Heartwarming Family Tale.


Addie Mount, Staff Writer

Disney’s new animated musical “Encanto”, released November 24th and set in Colombia, tells the story of the Madrigal family, and the magical gifts they possess. These gifts were given to them by their miracle, which also powers their magical casita (house). The protagonist, 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal, is the only child without a gift, and the film follows her quest to find herself as well as find out why she did not receive a gift. “Encanto” received a record-breaking number of positive reviews and is still thriving weeks after releasing due to its social media buzz. The beautiful and colorful animation will draw you in and really give you a sense of family and community. The characters are all so relatable and funny, and the references to Encanto’s Colombian roots are sprinkled throughout the movie well.

The film follows Mirabel’s struggle to feel like she fits in with the gifted family as her sisters, Luisa and Isabella can lift the heaviest objects around, and grow beautiful flowers without effort. Her mom Julieta can heal any ailments with her magical cooking and frequently helps members of the community with her gift. Her cousins can shapeshift and communicate with animals. Her Aunt Pepa produces weather in tune with her emotions, and her eccentric Uncle Bruno who can predict the future is said to have mysteriously disappeared one day after one of his visions went horribly wrong. We also see her trying to please her overbearing Abuela Alma and her worries about the families’ miracle fading. Mirabel seems to be the only one noticing the cracks slowly forming in their casita, and upon snooping around her estranged uncle’s tower, she discovers she is the only one who can save their precious miracle and the family from crumbling. “Encanto” was highly praised not only for its catchy songs but its wide range of representation throughout the film. Overall, this film is definitely worth watching, the character development as well as the sense of family is impactful for both older and younger audiences.