“When I’m Gone” by Alesso and Katy Perry: Emotionless Writing


Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

“When I’m Gone” by Alesso and Katy Perry is one of the newest pop songs to hit the charts. The song is average at best. The bland lyrics and generic beat combine to form an ordinary song that any mediocre artist could sing or write. The song is two minutes and 41 seconds long, yet it does not highlight either of the artists’ talent. Even the promotional social media posts give viewers déjà vu, dare I say flashbacks, to the mediocre, yet extremely popular pop songs of 2016. The song feels autotuned and fake, but both singers are more talented and capable than this song portrays. Throughout the years, Perry has chosen to have people perceive her as a fun and creative pop singer. This song (and her last album for that matter) does not do her true creativity and talent justice.

While the song was not good, it could be tremendously worse. My favorite part of the song was the chorus, because the lyrics are somewhat catchy. Undoubtedly, the worst part of this song is the lack of emotion. Perry’s voice sounds bored and monotone throughout the entire song. “When I’m Gone” does not make the listener feel any emotions. It is the kind of music to play through a grocery store. The song almost perfectly fits the definition of background music. The song is definitely not as bold as Perry’s previous hits. Her albums from 2010 were original and striking, but Perry has since blended into the sea of thousands of other pop singers. Overall, this song was not the worst I have ever heard, but it simply lacked the passion and imagination that many other pop songs and singers have. Since this song is so short, I would recommend you listen to the song once, especially if you like other pop songs and/or these artists. I do not think anyone would entirely despise this song, but I also cannot picture anyone declaring “When I’m Gone” by Katy Perry and Alesso their favorite song.