My Family’s Holiday Traditions

Steven Moore, Assistant Editor

As we approach the holiday season, many people are gearing up for another exciting winter season. Many families develop fun and unique family traditions that get passed down from generation to generation. Many common ones in the United States are driving around to look at Christmas lights, putting up a family Christmas tree, doing a gift exchange on the morning of Christmas, and the list goes on and on. The happiness and the high spirits of the holiday season are a true blessing. It brings joy and excitement to many people, as this time of year is all about love and being thankful for all the special things in your life. When asked about his favorite part of the winter season, my father, Jim Moore says, “I enjoy all of the festivities and the spirit of the holidays, as well as all of the college sports.” It is a great time of year to go out and do things with the family because you get to see a lot of rare and particular festivities around the city of Seattle. Events such as the Westlake Center’s tree lighting, visiting light displays, Snowflake Lane, as well as seeing fun plays and musicals are all enjoyable events to get you in the holiday spirit.

On Dec. 23 of every year, my family and I go to downtown Seattle for a fun night out in the city. We get dinner reservations at a new restaurant to try a variety of foods and make memories at different places every year. It is always nice walking through all the different shopping centers in Seattle and enjoying all of the special family time with my parents and my siblings. My brother, Michael Moore says, “It is meaningful to us because it is a period of time where as a family we can bond and become closer, in addition to sharing how thankful we are for each other and the opportunities we have as individuals.” This dinner is our family’s way of extending Christmas time and it does nothing but good for us. It allows us to show our appreciation for each other and better ourselves as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Additionally, there are many great cooking and baking treats in my family that we all look forward to every year. My sister Brooke Moore says, “Baking is one of my favorite things to do, even when it is not Christmas time. I enjoy making cookies and cake with my brothers every chance I get.” She will make amazing chocolate chip and caramel cookies for the family during the holiday season. Another great dessert that has been passed down from generations in the family are chocolate covered peanut butter balls called “Buckeyes.” Most definitely my favorite of them all, my aunt will make these for us every year. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty, with a blissful taste. They are very simple to make. All you need to do is melt chocolate in a mixing bowl, heat the chocolate so it becomes thick and sticky, and take your round peanut butter balls and dip them into the chocolate mixture. Then you will freeze these overnight, pulling them out the following morning to let them thaw out before eating. Baking is very common throughout all branches of my family and when we all get together around Christmas time it is sugar galore. 

Christmas time and the winter season includes a lot of relaxing and rejoicing with family. After Christmas day, typically on Dec. 26 or 27, my family and I will take an annual trip down to Arizona to visit my grandparents and aunts on both sides of my family that are Arizona residents. It is always a pleasure being able to travel down there and get away from the freezing Seattle weather. We will typically stay at my grandparents house for about four or five days and have a small second Christmas. We will have a big dinner with everyone, followed by a gift exchange later in the night. My family is the most important thing in my life and having this opportunity every year to visit my relatives is a blessing that I will forever be thankful for. COVID-19 made it hard to travel this last year, but I am hoping that everything works out well this year so that we can get back down there. Ultimately, being with your loved ones and showing your love and appreciation during the holiday season really helps bring a family closer.

Most commonly, a tradition that most Christian families participate in over the holiday season is putting up a tree and decorating the house with lights. These two things always bring holiday joy to a family and help provide true Christmas spirit in households. My mom Kathie Moore states, “The lights and Christmas tree are my favorite traditions because I feel like they are the most festive parts of Christmas.” Decorating a Christmas tree with your family helps spread the love and brings nothing but positive vibes. Every year my parents will put lights up on the gutters of our house, as well as the shed that we have in our driveway. It is very aesthetically pleasing and it brings high spirit. 

Worldwide, many different holiday traditions are practiced around the winter season. The uniqueness and creativity of these traditions are what make them special. As we approach the holiday season, it is important to show your love and appreciation for your friends and your family in any way you can. Happy holidays and enjoy all of the fun traditions your family takes part in.