Adele Returns in Style


Alara Walcott, Staff Writer

In a brief 22 second clip uploaded on YouTube, Adele teased “Easy On Me” to millions of fans on Oct. 5, 2021. On Oct. 14, at 4 pm, Adele will release the official music video through Vevo.

The clip begins with the British artist inserting a cassette into an old-fashioned car stereo. The black and white atmosphere has a classic feeling, with the first few seconds transporting me to an older time, filled with clean air and carefree decisions. The melody uses piano and acoustic guitar to create a sense of nostalgia, not only in my life but for her past music. Adele waves one hand through the wind while the other controls the steering wheel, traveling an empty, cracked road. The road looks like many I have seen, and is reminiscent of traveling a barren road with the music blaring. Since 2016, Adele has been pressured to release music, and with this exciting snippet, I and many others excitedly await the future of her career.

Her genre is known as pop soul or adult contemporary, but no genre can compare to the uniqueness of her voice. I resonate with Adele because her voice reaches deeper than most modern artists, who quickly churn out a memorable tune and lyrics, but with seemingly no regard for meaning and value. The gentle piano notes throughout the clip make up roughly a quarter of a minute, but tease the emotional quality present in each and every one of her albums.

Her use of piano is one of the most distinct uses of the instrument in the music industry, oftentimes the entire melody of the song uses a steady piano composition. “Easy On Me” was released to my personal streaming service and quickly gained attention. Each of her previous albums, most notably 21 and 25, have taken the world by storm with the almost operatic quality of her voice. I have listened to these albums many times over with friends, family, or while I was studying. Nevertheless, Adele’s new song surely captured the same attention as previous successes in her career, if not more. With the return of Adele, viewers could not get enough, having accumulated 16 million views on the clip since its release on Oct. 5 and 88 million views since the release of the official video.

I and many others with access to music streaming will revel in the return of Adele. For those who are looking to explore a new genre, or simply see what all the fuss is about, I would recommend listening to “Easy On Me” on a slow, rainy day with a warm drink in hand. ‘Easy On Me’ offers a chance for Adele to build another album with a new style, but for the time being, the song serves as a reminder of the Adele we all know and love.