“Battlefield 2042:” A Step Forward for First-Person Shooters


Zach Sevart, Staff Writer

After a two year long break, video game developer EA Digital Illusions (DICE) has finally returned to release “Battlefield 2042” for the public to test before its official release. “Battlefield 2042” is a first-person shooter game based 20-30 years in the future, that combines futuristic war elements with standard gameplay mechanics to offer something new to the gaming community. It will be fully released on Nov. 19 and will cost $60. After playing through the early access, I can confidently say that Battlefield 2042 is a very well-rounded game that offers a refreshing experience for the gaming community.

One of the most important things to include in first-person shooters is an online multiplayer mode for users to play with other users around the world. “Battlefield 2042” has done a great job with this by adding a cross-play feature which allows users to play together across all consoles. This is beneficial for players who are unable to play with others because their console prevents them from doing so.

Another important element for most video games is the graphics because games are easier to enjoy when there is higher visual quality. “Battlefield 2042” was able to maintain the best graphics I have ever seen from a realistic first-person shooter game, while also having to deal with loading in huge amounts of data. Most computers and consoles have a hard time loading in all the details of a video game, which is why it is impressive for “Battlefield 2042” to do this while conserving its graphics. One of the biggest complaints from the gaming community so far is that not everyone has access to these good graphics because the equipment required is too expensive. Although it requires a strong graphics card to run “Battlefield 2042” on the highest graphics settings, the gameplay is still enjoyable on lower graphic settings if your gaming system can’t support the graphics.

Possibly the best feature of this game is how new and exciting the gameplay is. Interactive environments are a huge part of the Battlefield franchise, and “Battlefield 2042” has taken it to the next level this year by adding realistic natural disasters that randomly occur to make the experience as realistic and unpredictable as possible. This, along with destructible buildings, make “Battlefield 2042” a stand out title when compared to other currently popular games.

After playing “Battlefield 2042”, I was left feeling refreshed because of how original the game was when compared to titles like “Call of Duty” and “NBA 2k”, who have been critiqued for releasing games that are repetitive. Although the early access period is over, I believe that this game will definitely be worth purchasing when it is officially released because of its innovative features and lack of competition from competing titles.