Issaquah JV Volleyball Narrowly Misses Victory Against Jackson Timberwolves

Saahithi Gaddipati, Copy Editor

On Sept. 27, the Issaquah High JV Volleyball team narrowly lost the third set of their match against Henry M. Jackson High. After an explosive start, the Issaquah Eagles won their first set 20-25. The Jackson Wolves narrowly took the second round, pushing the game to three sets, in which the Wolves claimed victory 25-20. 

Issaquah and Jackson High began the night by splitting the court in half to warm up, going through various drills to prepare them for the match ahead. One such drill consisted of players lining up at the edge of the court, repeatedly serving the ball. Allowing for practice on various techniques, the drills contributed to the readiness and preparation of the team. Player Allison Wittecki comments, “We usually get ready in the locker room together, and it brings a really fun energy that lets us do our best!” 

Once the match began, Issaquah claimed the first set, starting off with a strong defense. The improvement of the team was visible through the progression of the game, both sides finding a groove as the game went on. The match was close, with both teams grappling for the lead. Issaquah became more cohesive through the later sets, while Jackson began amping up their spikes. The intensity picked up during the end of the third set, with the Eagles closing in on the Wolves’ six-point lead. The set ended with the ball going out of bounds, and the round closing in at 20-25 points in the Wolves’ favor.

Coach Maureen Bacon comments, “I told my girls it was going to be a tough match, and it was. It was very close.” The Eagles strategically utilized their spikes and serves to gain points, recovering the lead many times throughout the game. Each player was laser focused on the ball, oftentimes sprinting to the end of the court to recover a touched ball. Bacon states, “Each of the girls came here with a goal in mind, and something to work on. And they accomplished them.” Bacon elaborates, stating, “Before the game, I gave the setters some strategies and plays to use. There was also another player who was working on pinpointing spikes and passes. And they all accomplished these things, so it was a successful game. Each girl came here with a goal and left with it accomplished.” The individual growth each player experienced made this game a worthwhile one, showing us that not all losses are true losses. Player Kayla Tehero remarks, “I am looking forward to our next match against Bothell, because they are a challenging team. I’m excited for us to work together and play our best, and hopefully win the game!” 

The tenacity and growth the Issaquah Eagles displayed throughout this match created for an exciting atmosphere, one promising advancement in the skills of the group as both individuals and as a team.