An Innovation in Walking Simulators

Jacob McIntyre, Staff Writer

The title “Endless Apartment” is a game, though it has little mechanics. The only thing to do is to walk around and see the “Endless Apartment,” an abstract art maze. Despite the lack of traditional mechanics this game is well worth your time.

Using few colors, “Endless Apartment” creates a creepy and desolate atmosphere, with nothing to distract from the main attraction: the artwork that helps you find your way out of the maze. While art traditionally serves little function, “Endless Apartment” is able to imbue the art with function within the game. You must analyze the artwork and various scenes to be able to tell where you are in the maze, which serves as the main mechanic in the game.

This unique style elevates the game above most walking simulators by giving more reason to remember what you see along the way. By also having VR versions coupled with the player having free range around the art, the 3D aspect that used to be only found in museums can now be shown in a virtual medium. If you enjoy art or walking simulators, this is an easy pick.

Even if you do not enjoy abstract art or walking simulators, the light mental and spatial challenge the game provides combined with the fact that it is free makes it one of the best exploratory games right now.

Perhaps the most technically impressive things about this game are the graphics. By using few hues (mostly black and white), “Endless apartment” can achieve amazing detail on objects while still running smoothly. In the drought of titles right now that excel in performance and visual quality, this game serves as a great reminder as to how far computing 3D spaces have come in the past year.

This game breaks away from normal intense, action-packed titles. “Endless Apartment” is well worth your time if you want a calm place to explore.