New Song Hits a High Note

New Song Hits a High Note

Addie Mount, Staff Writer

Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of “That Funny Feeling,” originally written by Bo Burnham, was released in October of 2021. Burnham released this song with his comedy special “Inside” and the two duetted the song at the Los Angeles club Largo in August. Their duet was the first live performance of the song since it was released in the special.

Bridgers decided to release her song first through a program called Bandcamp, which directly gives all proceeds to artists. Bridgers is donating the money from the song to a pro-choice Texas abortion fund called ActBlue Charities. Bridgers directly called out the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. “This one’s for you Greg Abbott. And if you’ve been looking for something new to listen to while, uh, obeying all the traffic laws in Grand Theft Auto V, you’re in luck.”

Bridgers’ voice and the addition of her guitar adds her acoustic touch to Burnham’s lyrics. Her more peaceful version of the song is an interesting perspective for someone to have at the end of the world. This song explores the chaos and duality of things that seem so ordinary to us. The lyric “The quiet comprehending of the ending of it all” showcases the peaceful and accepting attitude towards the ending of the world that Bridgers is emphasizing.

While the song may not be her lyrics, she was able to really add her own touch and style to this song. The song also has some themes of foreshadowing or feeling things that have yet to come. I love the way she was able to encompass herself into this song and almost give the lyrics a new meaning.  While Burnham’s version seems chaotic and dark, Bridgers gives us a shockingly peaceful rendition of the song to listen to while the world around us crumbles.