The Highly Anticipated “No Time to Die” Did Not Disappoint


Cynthia Wang, Staff Writer

Since November 2019, James Bond fans have been expectantly waiting for the 25th installment of the series, “No Time to Die.” The highly anticipated movie released on Oct. 8, 2021 and has made $56 million in the domestic box office along with $300 million worldwide since its release.  

After leaving active service with the MI6, the UK’s foreign intelligence service, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, enjoys a peaceful life in Jamaica with his lover Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux. Unfortunately, this tranquility is short lived as he is attacked by assassins and it is revealed that Madeleine has betrayed him. Years later, he is contacted by his old CIA friend, Felix, to rescue a kidnapped scientist which turns out to be a much deeper and perilous mission than originally thought. 

“No Time to Die” encapsulates the classic James Bond style with a mix of new and recurring characters, but what truly makes this movie worth watching is the fast-paced, high intensity action scenes. The impressive choreography combined with excellent camerawork make for engaging scenes that keep your eyes glued on the screen.  

Though some of the finer details can be a bit difficult to decipher for the average watcher, “No Time to Die” keeps the plot exciting while still being comprehendible. Despite its extensive 163 minute runtime, it keeps a good flow and high viewer retention. Additionally, the actors are talented not only in stunts but in their delivery. Unexpectedly enough, there were also many quick jokes throughout, which was a pleasant surprise. 

It’s no shock that the fifth and final installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond is a roaring success. With its exhilarating action scenes, compelling story, and well-timed quips, “No Time to Die” is a must watch for 007 fans and casual viewers alike.