“Love for Sale” by Lady Gag and Tony Bennett an Interesting Pairing


Maya Colchamiro, Staff Writer

“Love For Sale” by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett combines classical elements of jazz music with a new, modern voice. Tony Bennett has already excelled at the style of jazz. Throughout his lifetime Bennett has won 20 Grammy awards and a plethora of other honors. The album is a brand-new style for Gaga. Although her audience may be used to the modern hyper-pop music that Gaga usually puts out, different does not necessarily mean bad. I enjoyed this new album, but I definitely prefer the pop music that my generation is used to. Although Bennett and Gaga may seem like parallel opposites, the two actually work quite well together. My favorite song on the diverse album would have to be “Dream Dancing” because I like the lyrics as well as the melody. The jazz music may appeal to many older listeners, including the generation that grew up listening to Tony Bennett. That being said, the album has a timeless feel, which makes it attractive to all audiences, old and young. Believe it or not, high schoolers can appreciate good music, even if their great-grandparents are listening to the same album.

I would recommend listening to “Love For Sale” at least once. The entire album is only 43 minutes and 55 seconds, the length of a morning commute for some. Streaming services like YouTube and Spotify allow free and easy access to almost every album, making it easy to listen to “Love For Sale” and form opinions about it without having to spend any money on it. This type of album is something that the media has not seen very much in current years. This album proves Lady Gaga’s diversity; she has experimented with multiple different genres of music and excelled at them all. This album is groundbreaking because it combines different artists from different time periods and different genres to create a new album. All music is subjective, but above all, the odd pair works well together, so go ahead and give “Love For Sale” a listen. As listeners we may be witnessing musical history, even if jazz music is not your favorite style.