IHS Varsity Volleyball Beatdown

Claire Hein, Staff Writer

Thursday night the IHS Varsity Volleyball Team won three sets against the Newport Knights, updating the season record to 4-1. The Eagles won the first set 25-16 and they brought high energy and spirit, as well as intelligent plays and targeting. The second set finished with Issaquah leading 25-22. There was more of a struggle with Newport executing strong hits, but the players persisted and still pulled out with a win. Lastly, the team brought intensity to the third set, with hard swings and great communication that led to a final score of 25-18. 

The battle was tough, considering the opposing team had some great plays and runs of scoring, but the Eagles never gave up. The Eagles’ serving helped maintain their lead throughout the sets and gave the Knights a difficult ball to play. The players communicated well throughout the night and put in major efforts to keep the ball in the air and put it across the net to the opponent’s side. In the second set, a long rally was going back and forth until senior outside hitter Clare Marshall sent the ball back onto the court and landed a point for Issaquah. Junior outside hitter Ella Wimmer also gave great effort in the game, taking every opportunity to swing at the ball and place it in a difficult spot for the Newport Knights. 

The Eagles all individually used their best form and techniques, but as a whole the team executed their plays very well. When they passed up a ball, made a play and sent it back over the net, the players immediately got into their position to defend our side of the court. Specifically, the middles senior Mackenzie Cheever, and junior Emma Saffel were especially consistent in synchronizing their jumps to block Newport’s hits. During the second set, Newport had a lead on Issaquah by a few points due to the Eagles not being able to return some of their serves, but the lead did not last long as the Eagles jumped back ahead by making unpredictable moves and target the weak spots on the court to hit.

Following the game, junior Annie Lorenz stated, “We definitely got ourselves in a rut in the second game and that is always hard, but I’m glad we know how to pick ourselves back up.” Varsity head coach Tami Reese inspired the team to get back their lead and play better volleyball: “I basically told them to play Issaquah Volleyball. The way of the tradition we teach at this school and how we know how to play in the sense of always competing and staying fired up.”

One highlight of the game was in the third set when junior right-side hitter Viviann Garcia dug up a wicked hit, and proceeded to follow the set up with a soaring jump and strong hit right down the line. The Eagles stood up cheering from the bench as the team gravitated toward a celebratory huddle. Overall, IHS played a great game against a difficult team, and brought intensity and persistence that helped pull out the ultimate win.