Fun Summer Ideas

Delaney Morgan, Staff Writer

Sometimes it is hard to find things to do during the summer, whether it be inside or outside, so we are going to help you come up with ideas in this article. All of us will talk about things that some people find fun to do during the summer. 

There are a lot of fun outdoor ideas to do during the summer, but it might be hard to come up with stuff to do on your own. In an article called 12 Fun Summer Activities to Occupy Your Free Time, one of the outdoor activities that they listed was hosting a backyard campout. You can grab a tent, bring some friends, roast some marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and look up at the stars. Sounds fun, does it not? University of Washington freshman Calvin Cadman says that his summer ideas are to “start running again and go to a park where good volleyball players go.” In an article called 100 Things to Do Outside This Summer at Home, one of the things that they listed was making an obstacle course. You could grab some stuff around your house and make an obstacle course out of it and challenge your friends or family to see who can complete the obstacle course the longest. 

There are also fun outdoor sports activities. According to Bellevue College sophomore Jarrod Morgan, his favorite outdoor activity is paddle boarding at the lake. There are plenty of places to travel. According to Morgan, his favorite place to travel in the summer is lake Chelan. According to senior Kepler Harper, she visited her sisters in LA a few summers ago. 

There is also a lot of fun stuff to do with your friends during the summer, no matter if it is going golfing, going hiking, or just hanging out. According to Harper, she likes to go get food, have fun, sing songs, and be dumb teenagers while her and her friends still can. According to Redmond High junior Cierra Cadman likes to play sports, find new places to eat, try new coffee shops, go to parties, go to the beach, and go get boba with her friends. 

There are a ton of fun things to do indoors, too. According to an article called 50 Things for Teens to Do This Summer, a fun indoor thing to do is to “learn how to cook something complicated, like macaroons or baked Alaska.” If you love to bake or cook. then I think that would be pretty fun to do. According to Calvin Cadman, his indoor ideas are to play card games like Mafia or Kaiser and play video games. According to an article called 12 Fun Summer Activities to Occupy Your Free Time, an indoor idea is to enjoy a movie marathon. You can just sit back and watch your favorite movies with your family, friends, or by yourself for as long as you want. According to Harper, her indoor idea is gaming. 

People also have a lot of fun summer memories. According to Calvin Cadman, his favorite summer memories were having a slip’n slide in the backyard as a little kid. According to Morgan, his favorite memories are going to Europe in 2019, paddle boarding with friends, and going to Regina, Canada, for family reunions. Harper says that she did a summer show, leading up to her junior year, called the Little Mermaid and got a girlfriend and was the mom friend of the entire cast. Cierra Cadman responds that her favorite memories are traveling with her families, when she had pizza in Athens, Greece, got a gigantic floaty on the lake, and played last man standing on it (where everybody tries to push everybody into the water and not fall into the lake themselves to win the game), and play frisbee in the backyard with her brother during family dinners. 

Since it is seniors’ last summer before they are off to college, they might try to make the most of it this summer. According to Harper, she will be living her life out to the fullest this summer. Since I am also a senior, I am also going to live my life to the fullest this summer and try to hang out the most I can with my friends and cousins because my best friends and I are going to different colleges next year. 

There are a lot of fun things to do during this summer, even if there is a pandemic going on. So I hope this article helped you find some fun ideas to do this summer and to be safe. Make sure to wear your mask indoors until COVID is clear or the CDC says otherwise. Be safe everybody and make sure to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands a lot!