A Lesson in Modern Art

Matthew Chytil, Illustrator

My illustration is a portrait of Pablo Picasso in his style of painting. All of his paintings have extremely unique shapes, colors and representations of people. Some of his paintings have a sadder tone when he uses darker colors but others have a kind of crazy look that emphasizes the imperfect shapes and lines. By using many different colors and by making the people in his paintings look distorted he creates very interesting work that can be interpreted on many levels. This is the style that i tried to replicate by using lots of colors and out of place facial features.

I thought that this would be easier than it was, people always say that modern art is easy and is just random lines and colors but paintings like the ones Picasso did are extremely difficult. Even just choosing which colors to use was hard and i can definitely say that i respect his work a lot more now. A Lot of Picasso paintings that I looked at when doing this project had a lot more going on than what you can see at first glance which made me think about why he painted what he did and how he was feeling when he painted them which I think is what he wants the reaction to be when looking at his paintings.

In paintings and artworks done in this kind of style, people can get different things from them and interpret them differently. I think that portraits done in this style are supposed to show and demonstrate the differences and unpredictability that humans have. There is a certain shock factor when looking at these types of paintings because they are so irregular and again I think that is the point, they are very popular paintings but because they are so different people respond harshly to them.