COVID Vaccination Process

Kiana Ogata, Photographer

I choose to put the picture of a vaccine worker in black and white because I feel like black and white photos are more impactful and covid vaccinations are a serious topic. It makes the image seem more cold and significant. Then I choose the words pride and put it in cursive because cursive is a show-off kind of font that is pleasing to look at and these workers should feel a sense of pride for helping the vaccination process proceed efficiently. My next word was hope for the vaccine brings a hope of this pandemic ending and the hope of normalcy to come back. Hope was written in plain bold text because it’s the possibility of normalcy, and plain text is the default text and bold makes words feel more important which hope certainly is in a time like this. The third word I included was hectic, hectic because there was a lot of panic due to some of the mishaps with the vaccination distribution. On the news a few weeks ago we heard about vaccination freezers losing power and then some doctors getting stuck on the highway with the vaccines and having to find people to vaccinate before the vaccine expires. There is also the hectic process of making the actual vaccination appointment. Hectic is written in what I perceive as hectic handwriting, I wrote it three times over the same spot. The fourth word is cold, the Seattle area in particular is chilly and everyone at this event was covered in multiple layers, scarves, and big boots. When my father went for the first round he was drenched in rain and had to stand in the cold for two hours. Cold is written with sharp squiggly lines to represent the cold and icy climent people had to wait in. My final word was exhausting because everyone was tired, the workers standing outside for hours checking everyone in, people tired of covid, and just plain tired because the process was long and hefty. All my words were handwritten to give a personal feel and the words from left to right slowly get more sad and seldom. Pride, Hope, Hectic, Cold, Exhausting.