“All American:” Worth The Watch!


Mason Graves, Staff Writer

When it comes to television series, many struggle with finding the right show to watch. Whether it is a comedy, drama, or action, people struggle with finding a show that meets all their expectations. However, a highly recommended television series called “All-American” surely is the right fit for you. 

“All-American” is a two-season series, with the third season currently airing. It consists of drama, action, crime, sports, comedy, and a plethora of other genres. Based on a true story, it is about an individual named Spencer James and his journey through high school on his way to college and hopefully the NFL. 

 Spencer was born in South Crenshaw, an area with a predominantly African-American population, high crime rate, and gang violence on nearly every corner. With football being his only way out, Spencer decides to escape his childhood home and move to Beverly, California with his mother’s childhood friend and his new coach, Billy Baker.

As he adapts to life in Beverly, Spencer grows close with Billy and his family, most notably Billy’s two children, Olivia and Jordan Baker. With gang drama looming alongside relationships heating up through cheating, arguments, and intense moments, Spencer’s two communities slowly begin to wrap each other up and create a rivalry, not only for the athletic side, but from an individual and characteristic standpoint as well.

As an individual who is fully up-to-date with the series, “All-American” is a must watch and it will become a guaranteed favorite. The hit show has jam-packed episodes full of interesting and well made plots that will keep you wanting more! Normally airing each Monday around 8:00 PM on the CW, I highly recommend a watch. Seasons one and two are out on Netflix now, and season three is coming out right now on the CW!