Jack Pierson’s “Five New Pieces” Is an Exhibit to Experience 


Anna Jacobson, Staff Writer

Right now going to museums and analyzing artwork on display seems like it will never happen again. However, if you are an art enthusiast or even someone who just likes looking at artwork, then Jack Pierson’s “Five New Pieces” provides a safe and interesting way for you to view new art. 

This exhibit showcases Jack Pierson’s artwork that he created during quarantine. In the exhibit, there are five pieces for art lovers or critics to examine or admire. Pierson utilizes materials around the house to create his works of art, and in every piece, those supplies emphasize a specific theme which catches the eye. 

In his first piece, “Blue,” Pierson creates an assemblage of paper, cardboard, and spray paint that are all variations of the shade blue to create an abstract piece that represents his life and artwork in his studio. 

In another work, he expands on the color pink through using cloth and cardboard pinned together to build a square-like structure. However, unlike his first piece “Blue,” “Pink” includes more shapes in the overall piece, such as a star in the right-hand corner. 

Another piece isEmpire.” “Empire features materials such as aluminum, plastic, and envelopes. Its silver theme and shape represent a building structure. “Five New Piecesalso includes a video of the artist, Pierson, explaining each piece and elaborating on how and why he created it.

Not only do his art pieces create an activity for people who are missing the experience of visiting museums, but it also shows his creativity in a time of isolation because everything Pierson creates is all from supplies he had at home. I recommend “Five New Pieces” because I think it showcases beautiful artwork. If you are craving the experience of seeing artwork, then this virtual exhibit is one that you should try.