Bill Wurtz’s Exciting Comeback: “Here Comes the Sun” Is Strange but Refreshing


Olivia Jones, Staff Writer

In need of unique and enjoyable music coupled with bizarre videos? Check out Bill Wurtz. Known for his psychedelic animated videos and quirky jazz-pop songs, singer-songwriter Wurtz has garnered a following of over four and a half million subscribers on YouTube. His most popular video, titled “history of the entire world, i guess, has over 100 million views and counting. In March 2019, Wurtz took a hiatus from the platform and stopped uploading until this year, when he came back with a new song and animation style. His song, “Here Comes the Sun,” and the video that goes along with it, was released Jan. 18 to the delight of many fans.

Although Wurtz’s music has that novelty aspect to it, it is still enjoyable to listen to. “Here Comes the Sun” is no exception to this. His voice fits perfectly with the jazzy instrumental, and there is something new every few seconds to keep you guessing. His music satisfies a part of my brain that I did not realize needed to be satisfied. It is quite hard to exactly classify his music as it is uniquely his own. 

What stood out to me most, though, was his video. Wurtz clearly used his time off well, because his video is in a refreshing 3D-animated style that simply amplifies everything that makes Wurtz noteworthy. There is a lot going on in the video, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. With the bright, appealing colors along with the constant motion and strange objects floating around, there is absolutely no room for boredom while watching. If there is one word to describe this video, it would be “abstract.” The video was created in Blender, a program that is used for 3D modeling and animation. It is a notoriously difficult program to use, but the time Wurtz spent learning it and creating his latest video was definitely worth it.  

Hopefully, Wurtz will continue to create new music and videos. “Here Comes the Sun” has been largely  largely with positive feedback and people wanting more of this new 3D style, so maybe this will give him the motivation to keep it up.