How to Manage Stress and Ways to Help Others Who Are Stressed

Delaney Morgan, Staff Writer

During this pandemic, people are getting stressed out because they cannot see their friends without worrying about getting sick, go to grocery stores or crowded places without wearing a mask, or go on vacations. They are essentially stuck at home. University of Washington sophomore Calvin Cadman says school is also very stressful, and was especially so when it was open during the pandemic because if he went to school, he could catch COVID. 

Therefore, people are finding safe ways to help with their stress during this pandemic. Issaquah High senior Caroline McGaughey says, “I walk away from what is stressing myself out or do something to distract myself from my stress.” Redmond High School junior Cierra Cadman says, “I talk to friends, exercise, and get help on assignments.” People are also finding fun ways to help with their stress. According to Issaquah High junior Steven Castro, he has been playing video games like Minecraft. Issaquah High sophomore Priya Bedi is on a swim team and enjoys swim practice. The best ways to help with stress are different for everybody. 

Everybody has different ways to support people if they are stressed out. Issaquah High sophomore Kody Shabaga says, if something that is making somebody stressed out but isn’t really bad then try to distract them. Issaquah High freshman Dia Aggarwal says, “Talk to them about what they are stressed about and see if you could help in any way.” Everybody also has different ways that could help other people with stress. According to Issaquah High Senior Jon Mehr, during COVID, they could be taking care of themselves. 

According to Castro, they could workout. L.A. teacher Paul Eberhardt says, “Try to use technology to connect with other people.” According to McGaughey, drawing, writing, and doing something to distract herself for a little bit then getting back to work are the best ways for her to deal with stress. According to Bedi, the best way to help her with stress is to take breaks.

There are different ways that help with stress, some of them work for people and some of them do not. For some people, exercise helps them with stress. According to Calvin Cadman, exercise does help him with stress. Shabaga says, exercise does not help him with stress. For some people, music helps them and for others, it does not help. According to Cierra Cadman, Frank Ocean and piano music helps her with stress. For others, meditation apps help them with stress. Castro says, “I consider football as a meditation technique.” Aggarwal says she does not use any meditation apps to help her with stress. Other people find going outside to help them with stress, but it does not help everybody. According to Eberhardt, going on walks and biking outside helps him with stress, but Castro disagrees. It is great that everybody is finding different ways to help them with stress.

Everybody is either more stressed out during this pandemic or feeling the same level of stress as they always have. According to the Future Ready teacher Karen Kirsch, “I think I’m more depressed than stressed. I miss my friends, my students, my adventures. I’m just sort of sad.” Eberhardt says, “[The pandemic]  has created a lot more stress for everyone and made me more aware of how to manage stress.” I know that the pandemic has made me more stressed out and helped me learn how to manage stress better. Some people are also more stressed out or less stressed out because of how much sleep they are gettingBedi says, “I work better when I don’t get enough sleep.” Castro replies, “I get more stressed out if I don’t get enough sleep.” I also notice that I get more stressed out if I do not get enough sleep. That is why I try to get enough sleep. 

Everybody’s stress levels are all over the place during this pandemic, especially during the lockdown because of all the change and not being able to see their friends without worrying about  getting sick and having to stay inside for most of the time. I think that there will be a big line when everybody can get their vaccines. I know a lot of people are excited when the pandemic is done so they can see their friends again. I am also really excited for the pandemic to be done so I can see my friends again who I could not see because of the pandemic. Make sure to take care of yourself and to try to find ways to help manage your stress over this stressful time.