New Quarantine Hobbies

Steven Moore, Staff Writer

Over this period of quarantine, many people have been in desperate search for hobbies that will pass the endless amount of time at home. Whether that is indoors or outdoors, several new hobbies can be found just by exploring and being creative. In addition to developing hobbies, many people have developed negative emotions and feelings as well. Studies show many cases of depression and anxiety have come about because of the strict stay-at-home orders. People have not been able to get out of their houses which creates more stress on people’s daily lives. In order to stop this, people need to find new things they can enjoy while staying virus free.

Many new hobbies that may have disappeared to most pre-quarantine are starting to revive themselves as our options become more limited due to COVID-19. Things such as cooking, baking, gardening and hiking are among the most popular quarantine activities. Many activities people had engraved into their daily lives such as going to the gym, playing sports and doing other extracurricular activities have been erased for at least a short period of time. Junior Chase Nagel says, “I have started to play a lot more golf and go on walks with my dog during quarantine.” For example, golfing has become extremely popular across the country because it is the one sport that maintains social distancing, is outdoors, and still allows you to spend time with friends. In addition, the number of hikers and joggers seen in the area has increased by almost double. Not only is this one of the best ways to stay in shape as the gyms stay closed, but it is also a great way to stay healthy and get outside of the house. In addition, junior Ananya Verma said, “Baking has become an almost everyday activity for me.” Although baking does not seem too rare, the creativity that goes into the different recipes and food makes it all the fun. Getting up and moving around the kitchen is a great way to spend some time socializing with the family while keeping your mind off any stressors going on in your life.

Another popular way students have been staying busy is by staying home and playing video games or watching Netflix series, both of which were already popular before the virus struck. Sophomore Joey Wilner said, “I recommend to people who are worried about leaving their home to take up video games.” It is proven that doing something you enjoy not only passes time quickly, but it releases stress and anxiety as well. For many people, that something might be video games. Likewise, freshman Chase Dietiker said, “I have been playing a lot of basketball and watching Netflix.” The virus has taken a great toll on all athletes and there is not anything that can be done about it, other than to wait it out. It is only getting harder to do the things we truly enjoy, but finding new and or modified hobbies can replace that ordeal. 

Not only have these new hobbies developed during quarantine, but the levels of stress, anxiety and depression have risen in people who do not make an effort to try new things. It is very unfortunate timing because seasonal depression is also a very real thing this time of year, especially in the Pacific Northwest. It is also challenging because social isolation creates worsening depression. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to first recognize how you are feeling and understand what some things are that you can do to make life as “normal” as possible. Additionally, creating a daily routine can be very beneficial. Nowadays, it is way too easy to let previous days bleed into future ones. Supporting healthy habits, such as getting a full night’s sleep, stretching on a daily basis and eating well are small things that can stop this from happening. Hobbies will not only allow you to have something to look forward to, but they give you something to experience with joy as well. Lastly, try to keep in touch with friends and family as much as possible during this time. It is difficult to see the ones closest to you right now, but make an effort to contact them as much as possible. This will give you a bit of normalcy in a time period that is different than any other.

Overall, although this quarantine period may seem all negative, there are new things we can discover about ourselves that will potentially change our lives. Creating hobbies is not only important for yourself, but ideal for those around you as well. Being at home for such long periods of time can begin to take a toll on everyone involved, and getting out of the house every once in a while can relieve negative emotions. The vast majority of hobbies include being active and moving around, which is always positive. Try to get outside as much as possible and get creative with your new hobbies by learning to try new things.