FIFA 21: Better Than Before!

Mason Graves, Staff Writer

After months of waiting, FIFA fans, the wait is finally over. On Oct. 9, the long-awaited FIFA 21 video game was released on all consoles.  There are a lot of optimistic thoughts and feelings by gamers hoping for the game to be fantastic, as the most recent FIFA was worse than ever before. 

For a quick rundown, FIFA is a soccer video game in which people around the world can select to play in a wide variety of game modes. In recent years, it has seen numerous additions to its game, such as Ultimate Team, where players can build squads and play the game to strengthen their team. Pro Clubs, an online game mode to play with friends, and Career Mode, are features that have stayed fairly consistent, with no major updates in recent years.

Prior to its release, speculations rose after its previous model; FIFA 20 was one of the worst video games in EA Sports history. Poor player movements, random glitches, a terrible game design, and the worst online servers in FIFA history led to the game being voted poorly by players of the game.

FIFA 21 comes in at three prices (due to there being three different versions), one being standard edition, which is $59.99. The Ultimate Edition is priced at $79.99, whereas the third version, Champions Edition, comes in at $99.99. The only difference between the three games are the items received with the purchase of the game. For instance, if someone were to buy the more expensive version, they would unlock more features for different parts of the game compared to the cheapest, which comes with little-to-no extra incentives with the purchase of the game.

After playing the new version of FIFA 21 myself, I can already tell that the game has vastly improved compared to its previous model. The graphics seem lifelike and the player movements as well as the game dynamics feel much smoother and easier to play.

Popular modes such as Ultimate Team have been slightly improved to fit the demands of the players, and they have seemed to finally fix the annoying bugs that came with FIFA 20. 

As an avid soccer fan that loves the game and the sport, I highly recommend non-users to try it out for themselves and get a glimpse of what it is like to play the game in a fast-paced fashion.