BTS’s Map of the Soul ON:E Online Concert Is An Unforgettable Performance 


Kristy Nguyen, Staff Writer

On Oct. 10 at 3:00 a.m., and Oct. 11 at 7:00pm, BTS hosted the Map of the Soul ON:E online concert. This concert showcased songs from their recent album, as well as some of their older songs. While the concert has already passed, you can watch clips and highlights through YouTube. With anything that has to do with BTS, fans across the globe gathered together to listen, watch, and cry hysterically as the seven men performed their music with stunning choreography, beautiful voices, and amazing visuals. As an Asian American, it fascinated me to see people who looked like me become big names in the music industry. K-pop in general was a refreshing music genre, as it explored concepts from different perspectives as well as introduced popular Korean culture to America. What made BTS unique in comparison to other K-pop bands is that they incorporated other genres into their work, going against the status quo in South Korea. I encourage everyone to listen to their music, as it will open you up to new perspectives in music and immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

As expected, BTS put in their 100 percent in the quality of the concert despite the current circumstances. My favorite solo performance was Jimin’s performance of his song “Filter.”The movements left me memorized with how smoothly he and the backup dancers synchronized together to make a sensational performance. His voice is not something to be ignored, though. The spectrum of emotions and charm that Jimin can encompass with his voice was really showcased with this song. The song was suave, and something that only Jimin could pull off as he moved and sang with such finesse. The “We Are Bulletproof part 2” was the best group performance. This is one of the group’s older songs, but despite the passage of time, the song is still amazing. In the concert, the song is more rock-band-esque as opposed to its original composition, yet it still is an exceptional piece and made the performance even more dynamic. You honestly need to see it for yourself to see how well the choreography fits with the song, and how the members are synchronized to create a lively and zestful performance. All I wanted to do was scream and bang my head to the beat because it had me absolutely hyped. Of course, the boys looked good, too. I really do not know how they pull off being so handsome while sweating, dancing, and singing all at the same time. 

This online concert was an amazing experience. I have not gone to any live BTS performance, and the day I do go will perhaps also be the day I die of happiness. I do not know any other band that can pull off such a range like BTS. I highly recommend watching and listening to their work. I promise they will not disappoint.