“Fall Guys Season 2:” Not Enough New Content


Olivia Jones, Staff Writer

“Fall Guys” is a video game that was released on Aug. 4 and was instantly met with popularity, reaching a peak of over 170,000 concurrent players. In this exciting 60-player royale, players must navigate clumsy jellybeans through brightly-colored courses with obstacles that toss them all over, as well as team challenges and puzzles. Only a certain number of players can qualify for each round until one jelly bean remains to win the gold crown. Due to a lack of fresh content, its popularity fizzled out once September came around. On Oct. 8, “Fall Guys Season 2” was released, introducing a medieval theme and four new levels. Unfortunately, this update is lackluster and not enough to revive the initial hype of the game. 

I played this game obsessively throughout August, earning myself a few crowns and enjoying it throughout. However, the levels got repetitive and some issues became more obvious. From the start, “Fall Guys” has faced problems such as server issues, bugs, and hackers. To be fair, the game was developed by an indie company and its popularity skyrocketed past expectations. “Fall Guys” has since improved in performance, but there are some issues that were not resolved by this update, such as players being able to grab others from large distances.

The medieval theme had tons of potential, and I had hoped “Fall Guys” would go crazy with it. Disappointingly, only the new levels fit the theme. The game had 21 levels (not including the four final levels) before Season 2, and there was an opportunity to add medieval elements to each and every one. If even a few of the older levels were redesigned, it would have brought back excitement that was lost through repetition. Although the new levels are intense and there are some fun new costumes, including knights and princesses, to customize the characters with, there is not enough fresh content to spice up the game and reignite interest.

One positive of the update is the option to play rounds without team games. Team games have had many glaring issues, such as a soccer-themed level called “Fall Ball” where teams could have an uneven amount of players. However, it appears that this solo mode only has one possible final round, an uphill race called “Fall Mountain.” Hopefully they will add other finals, such as my personal favorite, “Hex-a-Gone,” where players must survive by running over hexagon platforms that fall when stepped on. 

“Fall Guys” is a game with huge potential, but unless more content is added, players will continue to turn away from what was one of the hottest games of the summer. The month of entertainment was definitely worth the $20, but prepare for repetitive gameplay until the next update.