“Timeless:” a Reflective and Emotional Time Stopper


Lauren Kosich, Staff Writer

On Oct. 8, Benny the Butcher released “Timeless,” featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean. This song was released as the lead single for his upcoming album, “Burden of Proof.” The album is set to be released Oct.16 and includes the voices of Rick Ross, Freddie Gibbs, Queen Naija, and more. Benny the Butcher said in a statement, “If you understand the meaning (Burden of Proof), it’s one trying to prove their assertion; and that’s what I’m doing with this album. This is the validation of what I have been saying all this time about Griselda, BSF, Benny The Butcher, coming to fruition. The Burden of Proof always lies with me.” 

I have not listened to this artist much before, but I have listened to songs with Lil Wayne and Big Sean before, so I definitely wanted to give it a try. It also seemed like the type of genre that I like, so I was pretty excited to hear these talented rappers work together on one song. I think rapping can sometimes be more meaningful than singing, because the things they say can make you think on a deeper level emotionally and musically. After listening to the song and hearing the lyrics, it definitely made me feel inspired to write more songs and express my thoughts and emotions through music and songwriting. 

Although there is some explicit content in this song, I think Benny the Butcher truly reflects how he came to be and how his childhood and his past made him into the person he is today. One of my favorite lyrics from the first verse is, “Money change people around quicker than it change you.” I think this is a really interesting line because this can be interpreted many ways but I personally do think this is true in some sense and money can change a person, usually for the worse. Another lyric I like is from Lil Wayne’s verse: “I chop the hands off the clock, that mean I’m timeless, don’t time me, I’m forever.” I like how they tie in the symbolism with the clock and make it stop working so it’s “timeless.” My last favorite line comes from Big Sean’s verse towards the end of the song; “Lately, my life been a lot of losses and less laughter. To paint the picture, I can’t look the same in my before and afters. Honestly, I’m probably gon’ be booked till the next chapter.” I really appreciate this lyric because I think it is a true reflection of his life and how things may be harder than it seems. I certainly relate to it, and I think it is important if you listen to a song and feel like you can relate to the lyrics. Also, I like the play on words with “book” and “chapter” on the last part. 

All in all, this song provoked emotion, expression, true appreciation, and relatableness. I admire when artists open up in their songs, and tell their story through music, and allow listeners to hear and be able to relate. I think this song did just that. Even if you are not a fan of rap, I would recommend this song because the lyrics are amazing and very reflecting.