New Feel Good Music: “Long Live” by Florida Georgia Line


Carly Woodfield, Staff Writer

“Long Live” is the name of the new song by popular country band Florida Georgia Line. I would describe it as a feel-good and happy song. I like how the song talks about long living, good times and enjoying the good moments in life.This is not my favorite song by Florida Georgia Line, but I definitely would listen to it more and if it came on the radio.  Listening to this new song was a good experience and I was pleased to have enjoyed listening to this new release by one of my favorite country bands. 

The song was very upbeat and had a catchy tune, which were just some of the elements that I enjoyed. I prefer happy songs and this definitely fulfilled that for me. “Long live” sticks to country roots and talks about what you would picture to be in a country song such as dirt roads, small towns, etc. Furthermore, the song was very wholesome and fun. 

Although I enjoy the song, none of the lyrics really pulled at the heart strings for me personally, which is why most people like certain songs a lot. Other people may feel more of a connection to the song, though, because of different experiences. Despite the fact I was not connected emotionally to the song because it is not that deep in meaning, it still gives off a good happy vibe, which is important. 

Overall, I was amused with this new song and I think other people will enjoy it if they decided to give it a try and listen to it. I would not recommend listening to “Long Live” if you are not a big fan of country music. On the other hand, it is a good country song for country music lovers. I am glad I have discovered this new song and I believe it will be enjoyed by many people who like Florida Georgia Line’s music. It has a similar vibe to other songs produced by them so it fits well within the country genre. This song leaves me with a content feeling and I am glad I took the time to listen to it.