“Tenet” Provides Interesting Plot Twists


Steven Moore, Staff Writer

The new movie “Tenet” was disappointing to some and entertaining to others. A secret agent embarks on a dangerous, time bending mission to prevent the start of World War III. This is one of director Christopher Nolan’s better films in recent years. He is a very highly touted filmmaker with award winning films since 2001.  

Personally, I believed the movie was very well-directed and there were lots of plot twists that kept you interested throughout the movie. I thought it was a film full of deep and complex concepts that unraveled throughout the show, though people could also see the movie as confusing. 

  Despite the movie’s complexity, I also thought the movie had an excellent pace. The actors brought a fluid confidence that assured the audience that the characters understood the concept of inversion. This film did a great job of challenging traditional story arcs and acted as a breath of fresh air for a landscape that for years has featured unimaginative action films such as movies like the “Avengers.” The plot could not have been more interesting. 

I started this movie with a very narrow mindset, thinking the concept of the movie was too straightforward. I quickly learned that I needed to pay closer attention to the small details occurring in the film. Eventually, all these small yet complex concepts came together to unravel this excellent story. I would give this movie an eight out of ten rating, or four stars out of five. This movie is deserving of some awards soon. All features of this movie were acceptable, and I recommend watching this film.