“Bumbershoot:” Seattle’s Beloved Arts Festival

Harper Frye, Staff Writer

Established in 1971, Bumbershoot has been a local favorite for nearly 50 years, attracting crowds from all over the country. Located right in the Seattle Center, Bumbershoot takes place every Labor Day weekend and offers many attractions, including urban music concerts, art shows, conversation, and comedians. Due to their wide range of attractions, the span of visitors is also huge. Almost everyone can find something they love throughout the long weekend. Every day brings something new, whether it is food, art, or music. Bumbershoot is widely known for one of the world’s best urban-focused festivals. Over the years, it has not only grown in size but popularity, gaining gratitude through social media platforms. Bumbershoot also gained recognition due to the fact that it all takes place outdoors. People come to see the beautiful views of Seattle and enjoy a weekend full of great music.

Sadly, just like many other things, COVID-19 has halted on Bumbershoot’s expansion. Although this is a disappointment to their many fans, Bumbershoot did announce their preparations for Bumbershoot 2021. They say they have used this time efficiently to work out their flaws and kinks, and make Bumbershoot more enjoyable for the public. Fans are eager for next year and cannot wait to see the performers. Bumbershoot says that they have “had a great deal of time to immerse [them]selves into every aspect of Bumbershoot and we had lots of help in identifying the good, the bad and the ugly.” Fans are excited to see how Bumbershoot can utilize this time to make Bumbershoot 2021 the best year yet. “For Bumbershoot to live up to its past success, it simply needs to embrace the ideals that made it into a spectacle of wonder and excitement for generations of Seattle residents and visitors.” See you next year at Bumbershoot 2021!